It’s probably even less likely than Jim Mora’s Colts making the playoffs. But it’s true.

The YinzTeam embarks on its postseason run tonight, at fabled McKinley Field. We’ve perservered through a tough season, but like George Mason in the NCAA basketball tournament a couple seasons ago, we’re ready to shock the world.

And yes, winning our playoff game tonight would be a shock. Mostly because it would be our first win of the season. And it would also be the first time we’ve played a full game this summer; we’ve been mercy ruled every single time.

That’s not to say there haven’t been bright spots. Last week, a late rally came up just short of extending the game into what would have been extra innings — at least for us. And couple of weeks ago, a solid defensive effort against the team we’re playing tonight left us just two runs shy of playing on to the sixth inning.

There also have been cross-body blocks on the metal storage container next to the field; appearances by Pittsburgh’s new media superstars; appearances by Pittsburgh’s old media superstars; the best umpire in the history of sports; and gallons and gallons of Keystone.

Besides having more fun than a group of adults should be allowed in public, we actually improved over the course of the season — especially that fat 41-year-old who looked like he had forgotten how to hit at our first practice this spring. Tonight, we put it all together … and maybe make it to the sixth inning.

UPDATE, 10:30 p.m.: The game got rained out, and we went drinking instead. The greatest upset in the history of sports will have to wait for one more week.


  1. Someone needs to take out that jagoff third baseman….

    Atta boy Doogle!! GET ‘EM!!

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it or not, but if I can, I’ll be there cheering on the Yinz Team! Miss you guys! Go get’ em!


  2. UC, where did you find these people? You can’t make characters up like this!

    Good luck tonight…


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