Apparently, last night was the night for the babies to arrive.

WoyGirl has name, after her arrival a little after 1 a.m. — Madden is doing very well, as is Mrs. Woy. Woy didn’t mention how he was doing; I’m guessing some combination of joy, exhaustion and relief.

Madden’s August 1 birth also means Will is the winner of the WoyGirl Arrival Date pool. His take is $56 and a WearPittsburgh shirt; the money comes from those of us who played and the shirt comes from WearPittsburgh’s founder — who is also the proud daddy. The rest of the money goes to the Woychecks — I hope that $56 will be good for keeping Madden in diapers for maybe a whole week or so.

You’ll note that the title of this post is plural. That’s because the Woychecks weren’t the only ones who added a new family member overnight. Just before midnight, my friend J gave birth to her first son. J handles the video production at work, which means she regularly makes me look a lot better than I actually am; I know the last couple weeks have been rough for her while she waited for her son to decide he was ready.

J is taking something like eight months maternity leave — OK, it’s only going to seem that long for me, but I’m happy she’ll get so much time at home with her new family. Congrats to J, her husband and their new boy. Hope we get to meet him soon.


  1. I’ll leave it up to mrs. Woy, but after 24 hrs of labor, depending if epidurals were involved, i think there still is a chance that baby woy was born on july 32


  2. I didn’t participate in the pool but I’d say $56.00 for the new parents is fabulous! They can get a big box of diapers and maybe even a few smaller packs too. Congrats to the new parents. Fun stuff.


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