For more bullets. Get it?

Yeah, that was dumb. Sorry.

  • If you live in Pittsburgh, you need to figure out where East Pittsburgh borough is. You need to drive there and eat at Taste of New Orleans Cafe on Main Street. It’s run by a family from New Orleans who left their hometown after their home was destroyed by Katrina and moved up here with a family member who is a minister in East Pittsburgh. They opened a small storefront restaurant and carryout place that specializes in authentic creole food — red beans and rice, jambalaya and other goodies. It’s amazing; platters come with great wings or THE BEST PORK CHOPS I’VE EVER EATEN, creamy potato salad and sweet cornbread. And the owner gave us a sample of their bread pudding with rum-raisin sauce. Go. Soon.
  • Ohio State is ranked third in the preseason coaches’ poll. I’m going to be a mess by the time September 13 rolls around.
  • September 13? That’s when we play a night game at No. 2 Southern Cal. It’s already being referred to as the game of the season.
  • Houses. So close. And yet so far. Going to Ikea to look at furniture probably isn’t helping.
  • We need a vacation. Even the beach at Kelley’s Island State Park is looking good.
  • We’re counting down the second try at the YinzTeam’s improbable playoff run. But there’s a chance of rain again this Wednesday. Hey — maybe we could play some October softball!
  • I continue to be astounded at the power of PittGirl. She linked back here on Friday, mentioning that she wasn’t the winner in the WoyGirl Arrival Date pool. And then Uncle Crappy amassed more than 300 hits on the day. Wow. The one-day outburst was enough to move Uncle Crappy — albeit briefly — to the WordPress “Growing Blogs” list. All the way up to No. 83. I’ll check back this week to see if WordPress has a “Blogs That Are Going Down The Toilet” list. I’m certain Uncle Crappy would make that one.