no rain.

The improbable YinzTeam run through the playoffs starts tonight, after last week’s rain forced the delay of certain post-season glory for seven days. There are far too many inside jokes in this single photo of Father Spoon to explain, but the pic accomplishes one thing very well — it shows why the rest of the league quakes in fear of YinzTeam.


10 Replies to “no rain.”

  1. I’m gonna have to make a stone stop on the way to the field tonight. This maybe the last chance to get a member of SIDT to drink a stone.


  2. Mmmmm….high school tastes like cheap vodka, Little Kings and Zantigo’s chilitos (there I go again….)


  3. Mmmmm…high school tastes like Old Swill and some slide-errrrs and fries!

    Hey Dirt…..back from the smoke??

    Good luck UC and Yinz team! If all else fails, you know the beer will taste good!


  4. i don’t know what you all are talking about referencing high school – my memories are of quiet nights enjoying iced tea on the front porch.


  5. Kewyson: Thanks for clearing that up. When I recalled hot tubs, Old Milwaukee and A-Team parties, I was apparently hallucinating.


  6. Everytime I think about Little Kings I get the unmistakable sound of a bottle rolling down the floor of a movie theater occasionally knocking into the metal legs…with accompanying giggling in my head.

    Yup, back for the moment..but round two is starting today in the PAC NW


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