1. Good:

We’re back home.

2. Better:

Looks like that Pryor kid might be OK.

3. Not good. But maybe not too bad:

You’ve never heard 105,000 people be so quiet.

4. Technically, not good. But I enjoyed the hell out of it anyway:

I should want Big Ten teams to beat non-conference opponents. And I do. But watching the visitor celebrate an opening win in Ann Arbor for the second year in a row was a lot more fun than it should have been.


  1. I’m happy, overall. We got moved because our old seats are now occupied by visiting fans, who were moved from the south stands so that section can be all students when school starts in a couple weeks.

    My one gripe? We had a bunch of cool people who had been in the 0ld section for years, but we didn’t get moved together.


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