It’s probably a miracle I got through the day without killing someone.

It didn’t start well: The Wife and I had an argument before she left for work, mostly because I got pissed off over something stupid.

It got worse: The kid from the auto glass service didn’t show up to replace my windshield until 11:45; the job was to be done by noon. He then broke tools twice, and because he didn’t have backups, he had to leave — twice — to go buy new ones. I had to wait until 2 — when I was supposed to be arriving at work — until I could leave. The $100 they knocked off my bill helped. Some.

It continued: I arrived to find three assignments on my desk, plus the time-consuming task of writing, shooting and editing the webcast. And? The editor I had tried to reach when I found I was going to be late was on vacation. So the other editors had no idea where I was. This tends to make them unhappy.

More: The hearing I covered was so well-attended that the township ran out of chairs in its meeting room about 15 minutes before I arrived. I had to stand in an overheated room, while taking notes, for 90 minutes.

And: When I ordered dinner, the drive-through girl took down my order incorrectly, and then argued with me about what I wanted to eat. And then asked me I would mind waiting.

I will admit to over-reacting in every instance, with the exception of the auto glass debacle. That’s a little unusual for me, too. Not the part where I admit I’m wrong — I do that a lot — but the part about going from zero to conniption in 3.2 seconds.

My story from the meeting is done. As soon as the editors are finished with it, I’m heading home. I’m going to sit on the porch and read for a while. And hope I don’t have to speak with anyone else until tomorrow morning.

When it will all be better.


Flickr photo by It’sGreg.


  1. UC,

    Here’s proof positive that it will be better today. Beanie Wells is walking without pain and may even practice this week. (Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer). Now you should be able to put yesterday behind you and spend today in a happy place. But, just to be sure, it wouldn’t hurt to suck up to The Wife a little bit.



  2. Large: I’m certain we won’t see him against OU, but it helps to know he should be ready for that next game. Which I am not thinking about yet, because that is not The Way Of The Sweater Vest.

    Spoon: Agreed. That’s why I sat down on the porch with an 08 Vertical Epic as soon as I got home.


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