This weekend is going to be confusing.

Ohio State football has been a huge part of my life. I went to my first game when I was eight. There been just one season since when I haven’t attended at least one game in person, and my excuse for that one was pretty good — I was in Army basic training in Kentucky.

People who see the Ohio State gear I wear assume OSU is my Alma mater. My desk is covered with Ohio State buttons and pennants, and I have old newspaper pages featuring national championships and wins over Michigan tacked up on the cubicle walls.

And there’s the problem — with the exception of a summertime art class when I was about 10, I didn’t take a single class at Ohio State.

I am a proud graduate of Ohio University. And on Saturday, OU plays in Ohio Stadium in Columbus for just the second time in my 41 years.

The Wife and I are Ohio State season ticket holders. If you were able to watch us in action on a typical Saturday, you’d think we’re two more devoted alumni of Ohio’s largest university.

And you’d be wrong — we’re semi-devoted alumni of Ohio’s oldest university.

So on Saturday, we’ll be wearing green and white as we sit in our seats in Ohio State’s stadium. We’re not expecting much of a football game — and to be honest, neither of us really want to see OU win this one — but we’re happy for a chance to see OU’s band, the Marching 110, and the fun stuff they do on the field.

Besides the clothing, we don’t actually have to change much. The O-H I-O stuff we can do, because, duh, that’s the name of our school too (I am so going to have fun with that one). I have green Chucks to wear in place of the scarlet and gray ones I broke out for the first time a week ago. We’ll have the same beer, the same food, the same people.

Just a different football team. For one day.


  1. You need your sewing machine to make one of those 1/2 and 1/2 tees.

    Nah! Be true to your school.

    Go Buckeyes!


  2. ooh! I, too, am an Ohio University grad who is an Ohio State fan! No one ever went to watch the football team at OU when I was there. If they went, it was for the band! Please take many pictures!!!


  3. HP: Yeah, says the graduate of the school with too many nicknames to remember. Redhawks? Redskins? Skinhawks? What is it these days?

    E: I’ll have enough of my normal gameday gear on that I’ll have both bases covered.

    Woy: In 1999 — the last time OU played in Columbus — The Wife and I actually got heckled a little bit, because the score was tied at halftime. I don’t think this game will be nearly as close, but I’ll be curious to see the reaction of our new seatmates.

    PRA: That was the case when we were in school — the student section always emptied right after halftime. It’s been better recently, though, as the actual football has improved a bit. When were you in Athens?


  4. HP’s and my alma matter is now officially known as – ‘The School who used to be known as Prince’ –

    When we were seniors, our team was 0-11 going into the last game, against the second worst team in the MAC – we had a chance to go defeated for the season – it ended up a tie game – we couldn’t even lose well.

    Have fun – Go Cats / Bucks / Bats? Rufus and Brutus are not that dis-similar names, you know.


  5. I’ve been giving some thought to how you think I’m disloyal to the school from which I received two degrees. That’s all I’m sayin’.


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