We love us some baby arrival pools here at Uncle Crappy.

Our first effort — the WoyGirl Arrival Date Pool — was so wildly successful that we thought we’d try it again.

And hey — what a coincidence! There’s another baby on the way! That makes the whole baby pool thing much easier to pull off, after all.

This time our lucky parents are TehShiremans, of Sportsocracy and YinzTeam bench coach fame. The baby, known from this point forward as TehBaby, is due Oct. 5, which means we have just enough time to put some picks together and get this started.

The rules will be the same. Pick a day. You may be sharing your day with others, so also submit yoiur predictions for TehBaby’s weight at birth and time of birth, which will be the first and second tiebreakers, should the kid arrive on a day you’re sharing with other contestants. You may pick multiple days, but each entry will cost you $4.

What do you get? As we did with the WoyGirl pool, we’re going to split the pot; the winner will get half, and the other half goes to Jim and Amy, who presumably will use the money for diapers or Wii games. And: Woy, undoubtedly delirious from a lack of sleep, has once again pledged to donate a WearPittsburgh shirt of the winner’s choice. And if that’s not enough for you, the winner will also receive a Sportsocracy shirt, courtesy of TheJim.

Given that we’re starting in on a weekend, we’ll give you a few extra days to enter. Lemme know what day you want via a comment or an email, and do so by noon on Tuesday, Sept. 16.

My pick? If I was being consistent, I’d go with Oct. 14, the next full moon on the schedule. But that didn’t work out so well for me in the WoyGirl pool, and I’m thinking it’ll be a bit late for TehBaby. So — I’m going with Oct. 7. Let’s say at 8 pounds, 5 ounces and at 3:45 a.m.

That’s my pick. What’s yours?


  1. Just a clarification, the first full moon is NOT when the baby will be born, merely when he’ll take his first crack at learning the dance moves from Thriller.

    I’m not sayin’ anything, just sayin’.


  2. I’m guessing October 3rd. A little closer to the official estimated due date. Figure two months after my guess for WoyGirl is good enough reason. =)


  3. Scott: I just got a visit from the Securities and Exchange Commission (Bureau of Baby Pools); I’m allowed to take your money, but your pick has been shifted to 4 a.m. Dec. 17. Good luck.


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