I’m not suicidal over the Southern Cal game. I’ve just been very busy.

How busy? I’m in a motel in Harrisburg, getting a little work done the night before I cover a meeting of the state board of education. It’s not all bad — when I pulled into the HoJo parking lot tonight, I was happy to find a Lancaster Brewing brewpub right next door. And there will be a stop at Troegs on the way out of town tomorrow.

Yes, I have thoughts about football. Yes, I need to finalize the entries of TehBaby Pool. Yes, I need to post this week’s fantasy update.

But for now, I’m finishing A) an Keller Williams interview that runs this weekend, and B) a bottle of Stone Vertical Epic ’08 that The Wife thoughtfully packed for my trip east.

Y’all have a good night. I’ll try to do the same.


  1. UC – I’m starting to feel very comfortable with OSU’s new position – it’s still just a game played by kids – read an article on some booing going on last weekend – and not over play calling but the players themselves – tough spot for the team I’d say.

    I hope they can get re-grouped – get some momentum, and play well against Wisconsin, Penn State and Illinois –


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