This week has been crazy. The next few will be crazier.

  • Father of Uncle Crappy will be having bypass surgery on Friday. In the span of a week, we went from routine check-up to problem with stress test to scheduled heart cath. IN ONE DAY, we went from probable need for angioplasty or installation of a stent to multiple bypasses. We’re all good in the meantime, and we’re actually pretty happy with how this has worked out. I’m sure I have more thoughts about this; I’ll post them when they come together a little bit.
  • I lost my first Yinz League fantasy game this weekend, despite having a pretty good day. My roster of misfits and has-beens put up a hundred-plus, but I still got rolled by TheJim, in what is certainly the highlight of his week.
  • As thrilled as I’m certain Jim is to win this weekend’s fantasy game, he had another pretty good thing happen to him on Thursday — TheAmy successfully gave birth to Jack Thomas Shireman at 12:36 p.m. Congrats to Jim, Amy and Jack — and to Norm, the winner of TehBaby Pool. The Shiremans and Norm will split the $52 pot; Norm also gets a Sportsocracy shirt and a WearPittsburgh shirt of his choosing, thanks to Woy.
  • I told you last week about BBM‘s contest and her wonderful idea for raising money for the fund to build a permanent monument at the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville. Here’s how it turned out. BBM got more than 32,000 page views in September, which meant she has a little more than $100 to donate to the fund; an anonymous BurghBaby fan also dontated $1 for each comment/contest entry, and that totaled $390. Pretty cool. Even cooler? I won tickets to the Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club’s Brewfest coming up next month, and I’m looking forward to swapping Athens stories with PghRugbyAngel at the festival. And even cooler than that? Gina won the GD and Marley Stanley Theater shows I offered up for the contest. Gina’s visited here a few times, and although I don’t know her I have the sense from reading her blog a bit that those CDs will have a good home.
  • I put in for Phish tickets for all three nights at Hampton next spring. If we get just one night, I’ll be off-the-charts happy. And I’ll still try to pick up the others via Ticketbastard.
  • Terrelle Pryor? There were times he looked like a freshman last night. And then there were times he looked he should be collecting the Heisman at the end of the season.
  • Hey — the Browns didn’t lose this weekend.


  1. Uncle Crappy,

    Our thoughts are with the Father of Uncle Crappy. On a positive note, they were able to determine what they need to do and will be able to get the surgery done in a non-emergent scenario. Get him in cardiac rehab after surgery so he and the Mother of Uncle Crappy can learn about healthy eating and healthy tailgating.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help.

    Carolina Boy


  2. All of our prayers (and I’m kinda agnostic) will be with you and your family on Friday- stay positive and give your mom the support she’ll need.


  3. Guys, thanks for your help. I’ll make sure Father of Uncle Crappy knows you’re thinking about him.


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