Several people found their way to Uncle Crappy today through the magic of Google. What were they seeking?

College football. Duh. That’s a pretty simple one here.

Houseboat. Grateful Dead-related, and it’s here.

History of Houseboats. Again, I know the history of just one. See above.

Fun Facts About Jerome Bettis. None that I know of to be found here. But his Wikipedia entry says his nickname was coined while he was at Notre Dame, and not by Myron Cope.

AMF Snowmass Pictures. I don’t have shots of AMF, but will a picture of KT Gully do?

Wanker Bollocks. Here. Really. Be sure to read Juan’s translation.

Phish. Just a couple days ago. And there’s more on the way.

Travis Hafner. I wish I had the opportunity to write more about the Indians designated hitter, but he was absent for much of the season.

Crappy. I’m proud to be synonymous with the term.