While I had a setback in the league I want to win the most, I’m happy with the season so far. Here’s a look:

Yinz League — Butler Bernies

The inevitable finally happened — the Bernies lost. My team actually came through with a solid day — 106.23 points was outstanding, compared with with my scoring average of 89.35 through the first four week — but TehJim crushed me anyway by scoring 141.97.

Next up is STBD Gets Sporty, the team that sits just behind the Bernies in fifth place. Justin is the defending league champion and his team has been scoring at a 98-points-a-game pace, so my work is cut out for me once again.

GBAPA League — Butler Braylons

Sucking. Absolutely sucking. Actually, that’s not true — I’m still in fourth place here, but it just doesn’t seem like I’m getting any traction. A major lineup juggling session is on the way.

Pick ‘Em

Third in the college pool (meh), third in the pro pool (yay!). Time for a run.

The Bet

The Wife and I split the college and pro games we picked differently, so I’m maintaining my lead. I was brilliant in picking Vandy to upset Auburn; I was clearly stretching when I picked Nebraska to beat Missouri.

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