We’re just a few hours away from the start of the third edition of PodCamp Pittsburgh3. This time, I know what to expect. And that makes the anticipation even better.

Social media was a pretty big deal to me even before I walked through the doors of the Art Institute last summer for what would be my first full PodCamp. When I left, I took along some knowledge of several new platforms, a bunch of new ideas and what turned out to be more than a dozen good friends.

That’s worth a weekend, right?

Even with what I learned last time — and what I’ve learned since — there’s still plenty of stuff out there for me this time around. Sessions about maximizing your returns on search engines? More audio stuff than I can handle? I’m going to have a full weekend once again.

You should give it a try too. Did you go last year? You’ll find you’re in the same boat as me — there’s still lots more to discover. Are you a complete newbie, like I was a year ago? This is perfect for you — there are no attitudes, just lots of people who will be interested in what you hope to do and willing to help you get started.

It’s petty simple kids — if you can get to the Art Institute this weekend, you should be there. Do what I did — register at podcamppittsburgh.com, show up and see what there is for you.

Me? I’m hoping I can find someone to show me how to type.

Uncle Crappy’s going to be at PodCamp Pittsburgh this weekend. Are you?

See you there.


  1. Nice video! I was hoping that when you drank the beer that it would have came back empty.

    Uncle Crappy sat in the front row of the SIDT/WMS session last year and I remember thinking “OK, this guy must be drunk cuz he’s lovin us.” Turns out I was right. He just wanted free beer and instead got Pockey.


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