The word this week? Rough.

Yinz League — Butler Bernies

I knew this loss was coming, from the moment I saw it on the schedule. The Bernies played STBD Gets Sporty, owned by last year’s champion — and we got waxed. That loss drops me to 4-2 — still good for the season, but last among playoffs-bound teams if the postseason were to begin today.

The good news? This week I get Norm’s Keystoners, who play like they’re, well, keystoned. Norm’s team has been scoring just 66 points a game, and I think I should be able to take ’em.

GBAPA League — Butler Braylons

No. I didn’t change in the team name because its namesake has had a lousy season so far.

No. I also didn’t play him in Monday’s game, when he had a freaking career night. Oh well.

I’m still stuck in fourth place here. The gap between the leader and me, however, is growing.

Pick ‘Em

College: Still in third place, 10 points down. Pro: Still in third place, eight points down.

The Bet

I made conservative picks this week. So did The Wife. In fact, our picks were exactly the same. That’s a wash, and I maintain my narrow lead.