Dad got home today. And Dr. Wally said he’s even allowed to have a Manhattan before he goes to bed.


  1. great news! I generally try to leave manhattan before i go to bed, but sometimes my evil twin rises again and . . . Well, you know.

    Here’s to many years of health, happiness and bucks!


  2. Saturday. We should definitely have Manhattans on Saturday night to celebrate. I’m in. :) Glad to hear the good news! Our Dads are awesome – both bypass survivors!!!


  3. Thanks again for checking in, y’all.

    And Carla — special thanks to you. I know I didn’t answer the email you sent last week, but it was a huge help. Having a detailed account of what would happen in the hospital and what’s still to come was a relief. If you make it to the PodCamp party on Saturday, your first Manhattan is on me.


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