At the insistence of Father of Uncle Crappy, we went ahead with Saturday’s tailgate. Fred and Ethel took the lead and did an exceptional job. Matlock and the Coochie Doctor went above and beyond their usual contributions and everyone else made sure we were as close to normal as possible.

We had a great time, as we always do. But we missed the guy who is the heart and soul of our Saturday morning parties, and I thought we should acknowledge that in our final ritual before we walk up to the stadium for the game:


  1. Thank you for cleaning up my toast. Notice I am the only one whose full name is spoken out loud! Hence my discomfort is justified… :-)

    Nicely done!


  2. It’s great to see you all carrying on the hallowed tradition…..Great toasts all around!!

    I’m so glad to hear that Father of UncleCrappy came through Friday with flying colors and is well on his way to tailgaiting.

    xoxoxo to all!


  3. So nice to see that the tailgate went on as planned even without the Father of Uncle Crappy.

    Way to go Bud! You will be back with the troops before you know it!


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