And now, we reveal the worst-kept secret in the history of western Pennsylvania — The Wife and I bought a house Monday morning.

We were coy about the progress we were making towards this place — on a lovely street in Pittsburgh’s Brighton Heights neighborhood — because the last two times we were close, something bit us in the ass at the last minute. And after we had told some folks that those were possibilities, this time around we didn’t want to say anything until it was done.

OK. I know I’ve been referencing The Thing We Can’t Talk About for a while now. I know there were plenty of people I talked to at PodCamp over the weekend who suspected we were close, if for no other reason than the grin I cracked each time someone asked how the search was going. I can be very good at keeping secrets, but in this case it was killing me not to be able to tell someone — anyone — what was going on.

The next couple of weeks should be interesting. We’re moving a bunch of little stuff from our apartment down there when we have the opportunity, and we’ll get a truck to move the rest probably next week. We’re already thinking about painting, ripping up carpets and restoring floors (which are in pretty good shape already) and making a few pretty serious purchases. It’s overwhelming and exciting, all at the same time.

So. Busy. The blog should be fairly entertaining. And — yes. There will be a party. Soon.


Got stuff to say about another spectacular PodCamp experience. That’ll be coming soon. Right after I buy a lawn mower and make my tall grass short.


  1. Huh, don’t know why this post suggested mine as a “possibly related post,” but either way, let me just say CONGRATS on buying a house! That’s pretty awesome. :D


  2. Who’s going to move that Grecian marble armoire?

    Congrats – I know you two will make it a good burrow.


  3. OMG that is fabulous news.
    What is your landlord going to do? He’s losing the two best tenants in the world.

    Party soon, right?


  4. Gina: Moving preparations have delayed the production of the Stanley Theater Prize Package — as in I packed the CDs I need and have to find them. Should be able to do that this week, though.

    Paul: I’ve been dubious about the possibly related feature since it started linking porn sites to me. But thanks anyway.

    BBM: I should probably get those daisies soon, huh … I’ll be in touch, before you guys move too.

    Locobone: We’ll have a nice space waiting for you in the garage.

    Kewyson: The granite dresser will be moved by me. Again.

    SP: We’ll take it.

    Carolina Boy/HP: Actually, Jackass Landlord sold the place in September (just after he tried to steal my deposit). New guy seems pretty cool — but I am so done with renting.

    Large: What is this adulthood of which you speak?

    DD: Consider it a place to hide when family time gets to be a bit much.

    TheJim: What a generous offer. I accept!

    Everyone: Thanks. Really.


  5. Congratulations! If you need any help ripping up those carpets or refinishing those floors, let me know. I have some pretty good first-hand knowledge. ;-)


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