The readers of the Columbus Dispatch have spoken. And I agree.


  1. Having been a life long Bengals fan and UC having been a life long Browns fan and the way both seasons are going…….I would have to agree with the 93% that think OSU will win more games than our pityful NFL teams.

    Digging a little deeper into the Dispatch article and subsequent link to the BuckeyeNews article about the first night game in 3 years, I believe Coach Tressel might have his colors confused. He shows up to his press conference in a bright “scarlet” sport coat and urges the fans to make sure they wear “red” Saturday night. That would be like saying Michigan fans should show up wearing “yellow” instead of “maize”. Oh well, at least “The Nuts” are winning games!


  2. carolina boy – bengal fan as well? Man, i don’t know how we ever got along – let me know now, before we go much further, creamy or super crunch?


  3. My big math brain figures it like this…NO WAY. Professional football doesn’t exist in Ohio. The two so called franchises are in disarray. The Browns have a head scout mascarading as GM and the Bengals are run by the Brown family. I won’t watch these teams for free on TV.


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