Since I’ve had a few days to digest my PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 experience last weekend, I’ve come up with a single word to reflect what I’m feeling — frustration.

I’m not frustrated because I didn’t learn anything — I did.

I’m not frustrated because we failed to embark upon an effort that I think could turn out to be important — we did.

And I’m definitely not frustrated because I didn’t have any fun — oh boy, I did.

With this turning out to be one of the busiest weeks of my life, I haven’t had the time to sit down here and do much of what I was inspired to do as a result of PodCamp. And that’s frustrating.

I’ve been meaning to move this over to a account for weeks; over the weekend, I watched John Carman walk a group through the process and I got some tips from Cindy about organizing a WordPress blog to maximize its search results. I would have done that Monday night if I hadn’t been busy with, uh, something else.

I also haven’t yet posted to, a group blog we founded to give Pittsburghers a place to tell everyone else about their town. I think could really turn into something big — and I’m proud to have been part of its creation.

I also need to follow up on a hallway conversation I had with Father Spoon about a Rust Belt beer tour — what would be our part of an exchange of information and ideas with our neighboring industrial cities.

I haven’t had time to do any of this. But it’s coming. Soon.

That’s what PodCamp is about — information and inspiration. As I did a year ago, I came away with both. There are people who visit here regularly who need to attend next year’s event, because the stuff we cover would be helpful in their personal and professional lives.

And next year, you’ll have a reserved room at Hotel Crappy. We’ll be in touch.

What have I had time for since PodCamp wrapped up on Sunday? I did manage to finish this:

And this:

We still have about a week’s worth of work before things calm down a bit — and even then I’m not sure when we’re going to have Internet access in the new place — but once that stuff is taken care of, I’m going to be rolling, with memories of PodCamp Pittsburgh 3 pushing me along.


  1. Jim: I love you too. And we have city sewage. :p

    PG: You’d be fine. This year’s version even tasted good.


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