Things I’ve learned while moving this week:

1. We would have died this week — or at least we wouldn’t have finished moving — if it had not been for the Forearm Forklift, an As Seen On TV contraption that allows people with questionable stamina and strength to lift and control large, heavy objects.

Like, say, the Granite Dresser.

2. As helpful as the Forearm Forklift was, I can still say this with total certainty — the next time we move, we will be paying someone else to do the lifting.


  1. Paying someone else would have been my sage advice, if I had any –

    Hope you all didn’t pull anything.


  2. Anthony: The straps work very well. We’d still be dragging furniture out of the apartment if we didn’t have them.

    Kewyson: I pulled everything.


  3. I had not heard of these things, and I’m going to just pretend I still haven’t. Must. pretend. to. be. weak. That is my motto when it comes to moving.

    Congrats on surviving!


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