(A note: I’m using the WordPress iPhone app to post this week, at least until we get the internets installed in the house later this week. It works well, but there are limitations. Like I can’t control the placement of photos, and using links are impossible as far as I can tell. And that’s bad during NaBloPoMo, because there are some fun new ones I’d like link to. Leaving comments other places is kind of a hassle as well; I promise to make it up to y’all as soon as I can.)

The joys of homeownership, Day 14:

Bad: The bathtub drains veerrrrry slowly. I was told by a helpful guy at Home Depot to check the drain trap, a common assembly in an 80-year-old house.

I opened it up and scooped out a pile of gunk. The drain is still slow, and I discovered that the pipe from the drain to the trap is dripping. It’s much better to find this now, rather than when the living room ceiling springs a leak, but still: arrgh.

Good: While wandering through Home Depot this morning, The Wife stopped the cart in front of a display of Weber kettles. She checked the color and told me to hoist the box into the cart.

You don’t understand. I was raised as a charcoal devotee; I’ve had several mini Webers up until now, but this is my first REAL Weber kettle. I feel like an actual grownup.

To celebrate? Simple. Steaks, adorned only with olive oil, kosher salt, ground black pepper. And maybe a beer or two.


  1. In older homes, such as yours, the drain pipe could be leaking at a joint. Also, check to see if older pipe is copper or some sort of metal (galvanized) it could have rusted through. My suggestion to you is get it fixed before it gets worse before your living room ceiling falls in. Don’t laugh I have seen it happen. If you need help all you need to do is get in touch with me.

    Don’t you love home ownership.


  2. so what color is the weber kettle?

    I’ve had very good luck with do it yourself projects and Home Depot. Nine out of ten times they sit with me and explain exactly what I need and how I need to do it. See what they say about your drain.


  3. The good comes w/the bad – you’ll get a good sense of accomplishment when you work on your own home projects –

    So – does this house have a yard, or a patio?


  4. What a month! Homeownership, NaBloMoPo, and football season! If you can handle this, you can handle anything. Congratulations on all of your recent acquisitions, including but not not limited to The House, The Weber, The Table and The Chairs.

    The best part of homeownership is the trips to the big box retailer of your choice. No additional reason necessary to ogle the latest nifty gadgets.

    One last thought on pulled muscles…

    My high school bball coach looked down on my 6’5″, 185 lb. skinny-ass frame, as I writhed on the floor clutching the back of my leg and uttered these immortal words, “The bad part is you pulled a muscle. The good part is we now know that you have a muscle.”

    Pay the man Shirley!


  5. After looking at Brightkite, it appears Uncle Crappy and The Wife went with the standard black kettle. Was there a cover purchased to protect this new toy? We need to do everything we can to preserve the shiny finish on this bbq gem!


  6. Kewyson: Both! Nice, relatively flat back yard and a little grass in front that you could call a yard if you’re being generous. But: a good front porch, an elevated back porch and a patio that might someday have a deck placed over it. Whooo!

    Ethel/Carolina Boy: Red would have been awesome, but the standard black was ready to go at Home Depot. We also got the starter chimney, which is about the coolest thing ever, but no cover — yet. We’ll have one before the weather gets really nasty.


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