So on the way out of Columbus this morning, we stopped by the storage unit where we’ve been keeping a bunch of stuff since we got married nine years ago.

We checked for two reasons. First, we have to bring all that crap back to Pittsburgh sometime fairly soon, and we wanted to see exactly how much stuff we had to haul. And second, we’re hosting Thanksgiving for my parents this year, and we wanted to grab some of the dishes and other accessories we had in storage so we didn’t have to serve Thanksgiving dinner on plastic plates.

Unpacking five boxes when we got home tonight was a little like opening our wedding gifts on the night we returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii. We hadn’t seen most of this stuff since 1999, so the sense of surprise was nearly fresh.

And yes — we have at least two pizza stones.


  1. Als0 – have fun hosting dinner this Thursday – I’ll give you some unsolicited cooking advice –

    To make the best mashed potatoes – jicama – just add one of these to the rest of the spuds and the outcome is quite amazing


  2. Kewyson,

    I have been in the South too long…..what is jicama and do I have to drive to Brooklyn to buy it? Is it the same place you buy your “gongaaah”?

    By the way, I will be running around Kiawah on Dec. 6th……ah, how about 26.2 miles of running around. I know that sounds exciting!

    UC, Pretty exciting about Thanksgiving with the parental units….remember, we are protecting our hearts so low-fat and portion control.



  3. Dude! There’s a Kitchenaid Mixer in there. Why would you ever put that in storage. I would’ve been happy to give it a home.


  4. Danielle: I don’t think we got a single bread maker. That’s a disappointment I’m still not over.

    Ethel: I think there’s still a little more in the storage locker, but we definitely brought back enough for Thanksgiving. And, you know, to pretend like we’re grownups or something.

    Cathy/RF: I’m actually excited about the mixer as well. And, you should know, properly shamed that we’ve kept it locked up for nine years…


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