Mom and Dad arrive Wednesday afternoon. This is what the living room looks like right now.

Yeesh. I think I’m going to bed.


  1. Is that a roll of toilet paper just sitting right there on the box?

    I think you’re doing pretty good. I’ve lived here for seven years now and just recently opened a moving box that had some framed pictures wrapped up with a beach towel…I was more excited about the beach towel.


  2. If the header photo of all that luscious beer is actually your refrigerator you will be forgiven for the mess in the living room. I’ve used this technique for years with good results.


  3. Sister/Kewyson: That’s a newish roll. The Wife has been home unsupervised for the last two days, so I’m not certain how it ended up there.

    Large: That shot is about three weeks old, but it’s still representative of what you’d see today. One of my favorite parts of the new house: We have a beer fridge in the garage!


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