OK. Does a university really need a cologne?


Apparently so. Check out the description:

The fragrance opens with the freshness of Italian bergamot and chilled gimlet accord. The middle note combines the coolness of blue cypress with the subtle spice of cracked pepper vapor. The base notes end with a deep black amber and cool moss.

It also smells like “masculinity, passion and honor.”

Hm. I actually would have guessed something more like the leather of Joe Paterno’s 35-year-old cleats he wears on game day.


  1. let’s just hope that OSU and OU don’t follow in these footsteps. If they do, I am pretending I never knew about either of them.


  2. If it smells anything like the campus I went to, it smells like stale beer, wet snow, and a chicken Cosmo.

    Not the drink.


  3. College 2 of 3 was a PSU branch and it sure as hell didn’t smell like Italian bergamot and chilled gimlet accord. It smelled more like cheap beer, weed, and that old dude who really needs to shower more.


  4. Oh, how thoughtful of you to think of that for me for Christmas! You shouldn’t have!

    Although, smelling like roses would be a little bit more appropriate, don’t you think? Will be great for Rose Bowl parade-watching on New Year’s Day. :)


  5. AA: There’s no chance that someone would do that for OU, but Ohio State is a marketing machine … it’s probably only a matter of time.

    Carla: Funny. Roses aren’t mentioned in the profile … maybe something like, say, Citrus, would be better, for the sake of consistency?


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