This escaped my attention in early November, but it’s definitely worth mentioning now. Among the latest inductees into the Strong National Museum of Play’s National Toy Hall of Fame: the Stick.


From a press release issued Nov. 6 by the Rochester, N.Y., museum:

Found in all sizes in nature, sticks inspire spontaneous, unstructured play and can be used in unendingly imaginative ways—to draw in the sand on a beach, or to use as a magic wand, slingshot, light saber, fishing rod, or walking stick; not to mention playing stickball, toasting marshmallows, or playing “fetch” with your dog.

The release point out that with its induction, the Stick joins another non-traditional toy in the hall of fame — the Cardboard Box, a 2005 inductee. Both are fine toys, and both were probably instrumental in hours of fun and at least a couple of significant injuries when I was a kid.

Congratulations, Stick — you’ve finally made it.

Thanks to @Kipke for the tip.


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