A not-so-closely held secret: I love Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I started wearing them in high school, and I’ve never stopped.

As part of our on-going work to get the house ready for visitors, I’ve been working on the third bedroom, which doubles as our “office.” I’ve done my best to claim this room for myself, with the understanding that I’ll occasionally have to give it up when we need to use it as a guest room.

So, I’ve tidied up the closet, even using the one shoe-hanging thing to get at least some of the shoes under control. I didn’t set out to do this, but I started grabbing Chucks and filling in the slots.

The number of shoes and spaces matched perfectly. And I was left with this:


A testimony for my love of Chuck Taylors. Think if I send them a picture, they’d give me a free pair?


Of course, I’d need a little more space first.


  1. I have 3 pairs of shoes.
    1) dress shoes
    2) gym sneakers
    3) chucks

    Number 3 being my favorite. In fact for my wedding that’s what I wore. Hey they were comfy :)


  2. BurghBaby: There’s just one pair of red Chucks up there. Ppbbpffpfft.

    HP: Brown, blue, green, red, stars and stripes, black (two), white (four — they’re the all-purpose Chucks), and the designed-by-me Scarlet and Gray Gameday Chucks.

    BurghBaby: The Gameday Chucks? Totally not a coincidence.


  3. I think that may be more shoes than I even own…okay, maybe not. But that is an impressive collection of Chucks.


  4. Nothing like Chuck’s, I’m a little old school so they also go by “Star’s” They were my second fav growing up, I’m a Pro Keds dude……you knew you were moving up when you got the suede! But I do have some white Chuck’s w/red laces…..machine washable w/bleach even


  5. Love them love them love them. I’m pretty sure the reason I’m popular at work is that I wear my elderly black Chucks while everyone else wears Sensible Shoes.


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