As promised: video proof that peer pressure can cause people to do really dumb things:

Did you see the perfect form on my cannonball? My toes were even pointed.


24 Replies to “action.”

  1. I too felt cold watching, but just may have to give it a go next year. My only issue is that I don’t even want to jump into The Mon when its warm.


  2. Awesome. I had some friends talked into doing it about…oh…20 years ago, but they backed out and I didn’t want to go alone. Now, I’m old and I’ll just enjoy watching everyone else freeze their asses off.


  3. Brooks, Drew, Mollie, Chris and your sister just watched this – Chris, your sister and Drew would have joined you, Brooks and Mollie think you’re crazy.

    We all say good job and Mollie is making an
    “Uncle M…” face to you.


  4. Thanks, y’all. If you’re thinking about joining us next year, it’s really not that bad. It’s about three minutes of ohmygodreallyfreakingcold … and then everything’s fine again. C’mon … you know you wanna…


  5. Mark: I was looking for you; didn’t realize we were that close. We’ll be sure to get our groups hooked up next year.


  6. UC!!! So cool! (har dee har!)

    I have to tell you, my cousin did that as well this year. Was there a huge turn out?

    BTW…Go Bucks!!


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