Each Christmas Eve, The Wife and I make a point of taking a quiet night for ourselves. The month to that point has been filled with shopping, decorating and other mandatory fun; the rest of the month promises to be just as insane, driving to various Christmases with our families and friends.

We both love all that stuff, but — December 24 is ours. We make something nice for dinner, and crack open those bottles of wine or beer we’ve been sitting on for a while.

This year was no different; I like taking the opportunity to make crabcakes, one of a handful of dishes in which I’m completely confident.

In fact, I was feeling so good about how things were going during this year’s preparations that I Tweeted something about thinking that my crabcakes were probably better than yours.

ClumberKim couldn’t pass up a taunt like that. And LadyD — @onedamnthing on Twitter — saw an opportunity. Here’s the exchange, starting at the bottom with Kim’s reply:


So. I’m ready for a crabcake throwdown. We have two contestants and a judge, and I’m sure we could find some other volunteers to help eat up the scraps.


Ladies? Can we make this happen?


  1. Absolutely! While I don’t have “kitchen stadium” I think my kitchen can accommodate two cooks, a judge, and some volunteers. I suggest scheduling during “growler hours” in case we run out of beer.


  2. I’d be happy to judge. Could we do it all Iron Chef style? Except of course you’d know the secret ingredient and no Bobby Flay.


  3. I am totally in. I would love to offer a kitchen so we could hold the crab cake cook off in neutral territory. Unfortunately mine barely fits one person, let alone the thousands that this can’t-miss event will draw.


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