Since The Wife and I met in college — and she moved in to my efficiency — we’ve slept on a futon. It’s worked pretty well for us; we even bought a very nice futon mattress at a store in Squirrel Hill a few years ago, a good investment for our aging backs.

Still — a bed would have been nice. It was impossible in the apartment, because of the size of the bedroom. But now?


Ahh. I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight.


  1. Hooray Bed! Hooray Ikea! Hooray Beer…… wait that doesn’t fit (sorry Red Stripe commercial popped into my head), anyways Congrats!


  2. ooohh! Very nice! I’m happy for your backs.

    On a side note I got to go to my first IKEA this weekend in Orlando. Very great store!


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