So. The Steelers and the Ravens play on Sunday for the AFC championship.

You’ll forgive me if I’m less than thrilled.

Bitter? Yep. Here’s why:

Over and over and over.
At least the son of a bitch isn't in the hall of fame. Yet.

It’s not just recent history, either. In reverse order:

NBA Finals Clevelands Curse
The Fumble.
The Drive.
Red Right 88.

I remember the promise of a new coach in the early 1990s, a guy who had worked for Parcells and would build on the almost successes of Marty Schottenheimer:

Turns out, he still needed a little more time before he was ready to be a good head coach.

Since then? Wow, the leadership:

Could have drafted Donovan McNabb. Took Tim Couch instead.

I’ve already discussed my feelings towards many currently involved with the team, and to someone’s credit a number of changes have already been made. But in the previous rant, I didn’t discuss the owner:

Browns Lerner Football

Randy? Give me a reason to care. Anything. And do it in 2009. Or you may lose me forever.


  1. I really feel for your pain (truly) even as a Steelers fan. Granted it’s not the same – but this was what I went through with the Pirates in the middle of the 90’s.

    Belichick was a pretty bad coach in Cleveland though, no?


  2. Woy: He was as arrogant as he is now, but he sucked — which made it a bit tough to swallow. And seeing him holding the Lombardi Trophy was enough to make my head explode.

    Of course, seeing Modell with the Lombardi Trophy was even worse…


  3. BurghBaby: That would be easy. Unfortunately, it’s not an option.

    I actually gave the Steelers — and everyone else — a chance at my devotion when I declared myself a free agent in 1995. The Steelers were not interested.


  4. randy owns an american f-ball team? all of us aston villa fans love him – we may even qualify for europe.

    You are my villa. oohh.
    My only villa. oohh.
    You make me happy when skies are grey.
    You’ll never notice how much we love you,
    So please don’t take my villa away.

    HEY, Uncle Crappy…the Beautiful Game is also played in the fall…you don’t have to choose another nfl team…you could really move to the darkest side by choosing another sport.


  5. UC, I don’t want to pile on, but as a devoted Brown’s fan, I feel it’s necessary to prepare you for a future date in July/August when “The Owner Who’s Name Shall Not Be Spoken” (TOWNSNBS)will step to the podium in Canton.

    TOWNSNBS played an integral part in the development of MNF and even volunteered to play in the first ever MNF game, which the Browns won.

    TOWNSNBS also made every owner a ton of money by scaring the bejezus out of every fan base when he moved the Browns. You know, “If the Browns can relocate…” mantra led to the building of dozens of new stadiums.

    Let me quote the Boy Scout’s motto, “Be prepared.”

    P.S. It scares me that the only national talking head to endorse the hiring of Mangini is Colin Cowherd.


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