Juan is OK.

Those of you who don’t know Juan are like: “Who?”

Those of you who know Juan but don’t know what happened Saturday are like: “Well, duh.”

Those of you who know Juan and know what happened Saturday are like: “Whew.”

Here’s what happened Saturday: A fire roared through the building in Grandview that has been home to Juan’s office for several years. The building was pretty much destroyed. See for yourself, courtesy of the Dispatch and of WBNS. Important to note: NO ONE, including Juan, WAS HURT.


I talked with our boy tonight. Files were backed up. Financials were current through 2008. He lost a lot of paperwork, and he has a couple of hellish weeks ahead, while he gets everything caught up. But for the most part, his business is in fine shape.

As is he. He sounded a little tired, and mightily pissed, but all in all, he’s doing well. He also said he has a mountain of messages from friends, and he’s going to get back to everyone as soon as he is able. And he said thanks for checking up on him.

Yeah. Whew.


  1. Thanks for the update. I was hoping his office was in the next building over, above the restaurant. Which had water and smoke damage, I think, but not fire damage. I had a feeling he was affected one way or another – I have never known exactly where that office is. Crazy place for a huge fire! Glad Juan is doing OK!!!


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