A weekday lift ticket at Seven Springs: $41.

One of those neoprene mask things that will freeze solid once my nose starts running: $13.

Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls between Monroeville and the Donegal exit: I’m not sure, but it’s probably up to $82 by now.

Fee to have an ER doc saw off my frostbitten fingertips: $1,246, plus a co-pay.

Having Seven Springs to myself on my day off: Priceless.


  1. oh good lordy. I hope that mask thing does NOT freeze to your face… that is honestly one of my least favorite things abt winter… but HAVE A FREAKING FANTASTIC TIME. And I hope you don’t freeze to death, for Mrs. Crappy and the rest of us, ’cause well, we kinda like you as you are, sir!!!


  2. How’d it go? ski up to the chair? Most of life’s battles are the mental ones – just get out there and enjoy –

    Now as for me – I’m staying in today (just kidding)


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