Since the inception of Uncle Crappy, I’ve insisted on calling my lovely wife The Wife. There’s more detail here, but the basic reason was that I knew she would loathe the name and find it immensely amusing all at once.

While we’ve gotten a lot of lot of mileage from the name over the years — and by “we,” I mean mostly me — it’s occurred to me that it might be time for a change.

The Wife has her own online presence, albeit one she doesn’t take advantage of very often. She has a Twitter account that she uses infrequently, and a Plurk account that she’s never seen, to my knowledge. Still, to many of the people we share our online lives with, she is known as Mrs. Crappy — or @mrscrappy, in Twitterspeak.

And in the interst of consistancy, that shall be her name in these pages from this point forward.

Congratulations, Mrs. Crappy. Whaddaya think?


That’s perfect, honey. Thanks.


  1. E: Nope. There are just three regulars who are not permitted to change their nicknames: Mrs. Crappy, and Fred and Ethel.

    Fred: I have, uh, several, just like that one.


  2. I have recently renamed CD on plurk only. He’s now Mr Clumber. I’m sort of taking it for a test drive. Mrs Crappy is way better. I’ll never get a photo like that either.


  3. you have “several” just like that one? hmmmm…

    from the same sitting or over the course of several sittings?

    are you confirming that mrs. crappy has swallowed her medication?

    is mrs. crappy auditioning for the gene simmons’ idol competition?


  4. I really like the new official name. The photo is another matter entirely…

    DD might do well with a change to Mr. Pellet.

    Thats kinda funny.


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