Mrs. Crappy Weekend, so far:

1) Eighth-row seats to see Wilco in Athens in April.

2) Dinner at D’s (her choice — honest!).

3) A fun evening at AA’s Living Room. Always a good time.

4) A very productive day at the home and garden show — a good thing, since we now own a home and hope to someday have a garden.

The result? A happy Mrs. Crappy. Thanks to everyone who’s helped.


  1. Hey! We met at Podcamp 3 and discussed Athens a few times. I will be at that show as well! My tickets are a bit further back in mem aud, i think we are in row U.

    Maybe we can have a mini-tweetup or something?


  2. Glad Mrs Crappy is having a better weekend than week. I feel bad for whomever gets our bad luck next though. See you guys soon!


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