@ The first-ever Mrs. Crappy Weekend was an unqualified success. We had a relaxing Sunday, the highlight of which was a nice breakfast at First Watch in Cranberry with Woy and (surprise!) Father Spoon. And then there was napping and work (for me) and leisurely shopping (for Mrs. Crappy). She was more than sufficiently cheered up after enduring the Week O’ Shit, and she appreciates everyone who pitched in to help.


@ Speaking of Father Spoon: Teaspoon’s here! With a blatant disregard for established medical convention, the kid decided he was ready to go on Saturday afternoon, after cooking for just 32 weeks. When we saw Spoon on Sunday, he said everyone was doing great — including dad, who had just had his first shower since Thursday, when Lushie needed to go to the hospital. I’m certain Spoon will have frequent updates at his site.

@ Did I mention that we scored Wilco tickets? Eighth row, at the lovely Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium in Athens, Ohio, where I spent my seven-year college career? It’s possible that I might be a little excited about this.

@ Did I mention the part about eighth row? Yeah. Might be excited.


  1. I love that little bundle of newness! I don’t know Father Spoon but he looks very happy and very comfortable with that little “teaspoon”

    Glad you had a good weekend – will we be hearing about the Wilco concert a lot?


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