I could be wrong, but my season may be done.


  1. heh. sir, you underestimate the weather-wrecking power that is my rugby tournament. unless we repeat the one year out of my 7 involved, you will have cold weather somewhere around the last week of March. Only one time have we had 50+ degree temps in 7 years. It’s been a chilly adventure every other year. All else fails, you can ski down the hill by the castle, ok? lol.


  2. With the way weather has been this year don’t be shocked if it snows 2 feet next week. You can always go to Erie where it snows until May :)


  3. AA: I had no idea about your ability to control the weather. Could you possibly move the tournament to Seven Springs? Or should I just bring the skis when we come watch you play those home games on April 4?

    Spoon: That’s not a bad suggestion. The last time I skied in shorts was an early April day at Peek n’ Peak — part of the Greater Erie Metropolitan Area — a few years ago.


  4. I talked to dad today…he was on his way home from his last ski of the season…time goes fast doesn’t it big brother?


  5. What about the base? My resort still have weeks left – but the trails will get smaller and less numeral –

    Didn’t SS put down a white ribbon of death?

    (Also – with Comments off on a later post, you’ve alienated of the ‘the masses’ who would have gladly espoused praise for UC and your material – one question does linger in my mind though – if not for a purely academic purpose, what is the purpose of writing a book against capitalism?)


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