There are plenty of things I should be writing about. I need to post the first official FAUCNFFC standings. I need to tell y’all about the Asshat Tweetup coming up on Saturday. I should recount the experience Mrs. Crappy and I had removing the carpet from our living room over the weekend so we can roller skate through our house on Easter.

Instead, I’m going to play you a song.

This morning, while we were scraping, scrubbing and trying not to wound ourselves on tack strips, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a song in the middle of the Keller Williams show playing on my iPod. The song is “Hallelujah,” by Martin Sexton. I’ve heard this Keller version, from a 2007 show at Lupo’s in Providence, dozens of times, but for some reason, it really stuck with me this morning and has continued to all day. Download it a give it a listen:

“Hallelujah,” Keller Williams.

The lyrics are striking, but I’ve been stuck on the coda all day; listening to the loop of Keller harmonizing with himself is hypnotic.

For the sake of comparison, here’s what Martin’s version sounds like. He wrote a fabulous song, but to me, Keller’s mostly gentle treatment is superior.

Maybe it’s because it’s Sunday, and I tend to find my spiritual moments everywhere but church. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spending a lot of time inside my own head recently, and “Hallelujah” seems to offer some interesting questions to ponder. Whatever the reason, I’ve been stuck there all day.

– – –

If you’d like to hear the full show — a choice I’d recommend, because it’s very good — you can find it here. It was recorded Feb. 25, 2007, by Mike Nichols.


  1. I’ve seen Martin a few times open for The Clarks. Good music but he kinda reminds me of Jack Black meets John Belushi with a twist of Joe Cocker.


  2. That’s an excellent description. I’ve seen him just once; that’s a problem I should fix one of these days.


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