basketball-photo-21A week ago, I was impressed with the participants in the Fourth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge — we were doing so well that I had visions of a massive pile of winners after the championship game, which is why I was begging for tie-breakers back then.

Since then? Teh suck has returned.

That’s not quite true. Most of us went with favorites, and most of us got burned when Pitt and Louisville departed early. I got the double whammy; Pitt screwed me up on one side of my bracket, and Memphis, my hunch pick to win the national title, was crushed by Missouri on the other.

The upside? We have a couple clear front-runners and a decent number of others who still have points to earn. Yer standings, along with a few notes:

1. My sister/Kewyson. Both have three points, and both have their title games and champions still in the tournament. As a reminder: both have a UConn/UNC final; E picked UConn and K picked Carolina to win it all.

2. Mystery Michelle/Carolina Boy. Two points each; title game and champ still available.

3. BurghBaby. Two points; champion is still playing.

4. Spoon/Yours Truly. We both still have points available, but our champions are out. Not much more to see here. Move along.

5. Ethel. Two points. Nowhere else to go.

6. Large/Carla. One point each, but their champions are still alive.

7. Adam/Gina and her dog. One point apiece, with a possibility for more.

8. Mrs. Crappy/Annoyed Angel/Papuga/Jack/Michael/Dahcheet/Fred/Nicole. One point. No more coming.

9. HP/Lokay/Mr. Burns/Juan. MISTER Blutarsky: Zero. Point. Zero.

I have NOT taken the time to figure out the possibilities for our front-runners; I am A) lazy and B) willing to be surprised. But there is a decent chance that we’ll know after Saturday’s semi-final games who will win the FAUCNFFC — and all its associated fabulous prizes.*

Good luck to all of yinz who still got a shot.

*Prizes not actually fabulous.


  1. You can’t even imagine how hard I’m laughing about Michigan St still being in it. Everyone (especially my husband) made SO much fun of me for that pick. Ha!


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