Asshat Tweetup

  • Saturday, 8 p.m.-2 a.m.
  • Rugger’s Pub, 40 S. 22nd St., South Side

Our favorite bartender, Annoyed Angel, is wrapping up her seven-year career at Rugger’s Pub on Saturday, April 4, and she wants you to join her to make the night a memorable one.

There will be: multiple wardrobe changes, Irish car bombs, guest DJ Jon Burton and, if we’re lucky, what Annoyed Angel promises will be the best last call call of all time.

There will not be: glitter tights, unless someone other than Annoyed Angel is wearing them.

ABOUT THE EVENT TITLE: If you don’t know already, you’re going to have to ask Annoyed Angel about that one. We’re sure she’ll be happy to explain.

– – –

I’m really excited about our Rugby Day on Saturday.

And I’m not.

I’m excited because we finally get to see a couple friends play on Saturday afternoon in Boyce Park. And I’m excited that we’re going to have a great night at Rugger’s Pub afterwards, when we celebrate Annoyed Angel’s final shift at Her Living Room.

I’m not especially excited about the reason for Saturday night’s party.

Saturday night, of course, is the one and only Asshat Tweetup. While AA works behind the bar for the last time, her friends and teammates will be helping her have enjoy those few hours — and, I hope, loading AA up with tips — as much as we can. A friend of hers will serve as a DJ. Our mutual friend Calipanthergrl will be coordinating several wardrobe changes, an idea hatched when those two attended last weekend’s Britney Spears show.

If you’re coming, you’re going to have a good time. And you’re going to help AA have a good time as well.

– – –

Here’s the part I’m not so excited about. She can do a much better job of explaining what’s going on, but the upshot is this: AA isn’t leaving Rugger’s because she wanted to.

She was unceremoniously shown the door and then made to wait for days for an explanation. When that explanation finally arrived? Let’s say she still doesn’t have any rock-solid reasons why she isn’t allowed to work there any longer.

I’m upset for Mrs. Crappy and me, because in Rugger’s we had found a bar we really liked. We’ve been there with and without AA, and without fail, the people we’ve met and talked with have been very cool with us. We were comfortable there. But if AA says she’s not going back outside of rugby functions, we’re not going either.

I’m more upset for her, though. If you know her, you know how much she cares about that place. Need an illustration? I recall a night in February, when, in the middle of a conversation, she noticed a loose support on one of the bar stools. While she continued to talk, she bent over and started fiddling with the bolts, to see if she could tighten them by hand. And when she couldn’t, she scooted the stool back in a corner, so it wouldn’t be broken when the crowd started to build.

She loves that place. She’s being cut off from it. And that’s sad.

– – –

But. We have a lot of time to figure out what happens next. We know what’s happening on Saturday. And we hope to see you there.


  1. thank you… if I write anymore I’ll start to cry :-) and I’m still at work!! so, thank you. that is all.


  2. I would love, love, love to be there. But cannot. Will someone drink a 90 IPA for me and toast Annoyed Angel? Anyone??
    How about a flaming Dr Pepper ala SIDT?


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