Two people get congratulations on last night’s win by the North Carolina Tar Heels — Mrs. Crappy, our favorite Tar Heel, and Kewyson, the winner of the Fourth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge.

Kewyson won by virtue of having a one-point lead on Mystery Michelle and Carolina Boy and a two-point lead over Carla, all of whom also picked UNC to win the tournament. As I said a couple days ago, BurghBaby was the only other contestant who had a chance of catching Kewyson, and she needed a Michigan State victory to pull that off — and it was apparent about five minutes in that that wasn’t going to be likely.

This also means I need to come up with an alternate prize for Kewyson; given that he’s seen plenty of pictures of me taken when we were in high school — not to mention spending a fair amount of time at our always-well-supervised-and-never-EVER-doing-bad-things-on-a-school-night A Team parties — the novelty of receiving one of my long-lost senior pictures probably doesn’t have much appeal for him. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.

Thanks to everyone who played in this year’s AUCNFFC. I hope I can count on seeing you back here again next year.

(And if you wanted to hang around between now and then, that would be cool, too. I understand I can be pretty entertaining during football season.)

– – –

And because I know there’s a whole bunch of you *coughfredahem* who are curious: Mrs. Crappy was technically awake when the clocks hit zeroes last night. This was an improvement over UNC’s 2005 championship, when an early work schedule forced her to bed by halftime.

Was she jumping around, yelling and celebrating her team’s most recent title?

Look — I said she was awake. I didn’t say she was watching. I had to do that for her.


  1. she wasn’t watching, but she was awake? i’m sort of a virgin? it depends on how you define “is”?

    were her eyes open?
    was she actively involved in something?
    were you updating her while she mumbled “i’m trying to sleep for crissakes!”
    was there a point in the evening where she transitioned from “watching” to being “awake” (whatever that means in your crazy lexicon)?


  2. 1) Her eyes were open.
    2) She was upstairs, reading in bed.
    3) When I told her Carolina won, she said: “Yay!”
    4) She stopped “watching” when she went upstairs. With about two minutes left in the game.

    She is so going to be flipping you off when we see you next week…


  3. Congrats also to Kewyson and Mrs. Crappy!! Thanks for letting me play (and giving me a cool nickname!). I will definitely be sticking around! :-)


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