I love Lulu’s Noodles. I don’t eat there often enough.

It seems like we drive by the Craig Street restaurant at least once a week, but we’re usually either on the way to somewhere else or we have something else in mind for dinner. I always look a little wistfully as we drive by, and Mrs. Crappy usually promises we’ll go back soon.

– – –

So last night, I gave Mrs. Crappy a call when I was on the way back to the office after the meeting I was covering had concluded. I griped a little bit about work, and she told me what she had done with her evening, mostly that she made her weekly trip to the main library in Oakland to drop off some stuff and pick up more.

I asked what she had done for dinner, she started to sound sheepish on the phone. Guilty. She said, “I was bad.”

I started teasing her about getting chili dogs at the O or some other junk food we’ve been half-heartedly trying to avoid.

“I went to Lulu’s,” she said quietly.

She went to Lulu’s. Without me. And then proceeded to tell me how good the scallion pancakes were.

Could someone pull this knife out of my back? I can’t quite reach it.

– – –

Retribution for this grave betrayal is required. And here’s where I need your help. I’ve come up with a handful of options by which I can get back at Mrs. Crappy for this nearly unforgivable transgression. I hope I can count on you to pick your favorite option. Or if you have a better idea, feel free to leave it in the comments.

And don’t worry about me.  *choke* I’ll be … fine.


  1. I voted twice, but only because the last option was funny.

    But that’s harsh! MrsCrappy should offer dinner at Lulu’s ASAP!


  2. There is only one thing a “Noodle Nazi” cant stand more than sharing their noodley goodness, NO NOODLES FOR YOU! Cut her off talk to management and staff provide a pix of the “NOODLE NAZI” and ask that for 1 month they not provide the noodley goodness. But in turn you must patronize the facility of noodling to compensate for their “NO NOODLING” of the offender. I’m just sayin’


  3. Two thoughts…

    Mrs. Crappy takes Uncle Crappy to Lulu’s and only Uncle Crappy gets to order.

    Mrs. Crappy comes up with her own act of atonement.

    Either way, Uncle Crappy foregives and lives happily ever after.


  4. Phew. I thought you were going to say that Lulu’s changed their menu – they definitely changed their signage.

    Suck this one up, Buddy. Oh, and if you do make crabcakes, you can still share with me, right?


  5. Aw!

    I voted for the first two. You clearly have to enjoy something that she loves without her, AND you need to get your Lulu’s fix.

    And man…I need to get my Lulu’s fix. Soon.


  6. I would have voted, but I am now distracted by the thought of Lulu’s scallion pancakes (among other yummy things), so I think I will have to go there for lunch this week. I’ll try not to tell you how good it was.


  7. Oh man you’re in a tough position. I have never been to LuLu’s but the way you speak of it I can imagine the deliciousness.


  8. You must be stung by the betrayal.
    1. You tweeted about it
    2. You blogged about it.


    I voted twice b/c the last option was the funniest!


  9. In my defense, I had eaten only one of those single people bags of popcorn and a few prunes all day (and yes I paid that price later, but lost like 5 pounds), so when I got close to Oakland I thought about LuLu’s and Spice Island Tea House, and decided of the two 1) LuLu’s would be easier to eat at alone. Spice Island has a little more atmosphere, and B) parking is tougher on Atwood. So I decided that if there was a parking spot on Craig St. I would stop at LuLu’s. There were two, right in front of the rare-used bookstore. If it matters, I had to sit next to two loud guys who BOTH got cell phone calls and talked for 15 minutes to the callers. BTW, Scallion pancakes were the best I ever had and THEY WERE ALL MINE!!!!!!


  10. What I wonder is why Mrs. Crappy didn’t bring home some Lulu’s takeout?

    That, I think, was the real betrayal: To have been in noodle heaven and not brought goodies home.


  11. I’m frankly surprised this doesn’t happen more often, given that your schedules don’t always match up well. Mrs. Crappy is obviously showing great restraint by not eating out at yummy restaurants more often.


  12. The ship has clearly sailed on voting but y’all can meet me for lunch at Lulu’s just about anytime. Really. You won’t need to ask twice. As for parking, the CIC garage is always half empty and a short walk from Lulu’s.


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