It’s so nice today that I’m having a very hard time maintaining any kind of focus whatsoever. So? You get bullets.

* I’d like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support of me in what will be known from this point forward as The Great Lulu’s Fiasco Of 2009. Just about everyone I heard from was appropriately outraged, although there were a few of you who expressed a slightly different opinion when you took the poll. If you haven’t checked, here are the results:

  1. Mrs. Crappy has to take me to Lulu’s at the earliest possible opportunity, 50 percent (This works fine for me, and I think it’s the option she voted for as well).
  2. I should make crabcakes and not share, 21 percent (A good idea; also the one most likely to send me to the hospital with a gall bladder attack).
  3. Uncle Crappy should shut up, 18 percent (It’s a good goddamned thing I can’t tell who voted for what, is all I’m gonna say).
  4. There is no punishment severe enough, 11 percent (I appreciate the sentiment, but, jeez, I’d like to at least get dinner out of this deal).

* Last night’s Pittsburgh NHL Tweetup was a very cool night. I hope we can do it again, maybe for a road game during the current playoff run, so we can get some folks who, for whatever reason, thought it would be more fun see last night’s game in person. Thanks to Jenn and Ryan for pulling it off.

* That series against Philly? That’s going to get ugly before it’s over.

* I haven’t talked about baseball yet. I won’t until the Indians are at .500 or better.

* I’m thinking about going to see The Felice Brothers Wednesday night at Mr. Small’s. I’d be going on the recommendation of Mr. Burns, who saw them a year ago at Club Cafe and speaks highly of them. It helps that it’s a cheap show — tix are $13 at the door — and, with comparisons to The Band and Dylan, it seems like they’d be right in my musical wheelhouse. If you’re interested, let me know.

* I’m hoping we’re about 12 hours away from leaving for Athens. Things I want to do, besides the Wilco show:

  • Eat at Casa at least twice. Three times would be even better.
  • Climb Bong Hill.
  • See if my West State Street apartment has fallen down yet.
  • Have a beer at The Union and at Tony’s. And maybe at a couple other places, because that’s a long walk and, well, I’ll probably get thirsty.
  • Figure out where The Post’s offices are now.
  • Say hi to Jim and R.J., and hope we run into Lou and Cindy.
  • Do the alumni thing (our code for buying OU gear at the College Book Store).
  • Eat a Burrito Buggy burrito (although if we manage to eat at Casa three times, that much Mexican might be a bad idea).
  • Hoo. That’s a bunch. We might have to stay.


  1. yo! We met at podcamp and discussed Athens a bit. I’m coming to the show as well. Wanna grab a beer at some point?


  2. aaaand cue missing Athens tears NOW….. :-(

    My bullet points:
    – Have a beer @ the Cat’s Eye for me if you can
    – Ooooh, I miss the College Book Store! *sigh*
    – You darn well better come back!!
    – And take me back there on your next trip.

    That is all. :-) Have an awesome time!


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