Three miles and more than $5,200.

And the funny thing was, neither was especially difficult.

I met these lovely ladies and gentlemen just after 9 a.m. Saturday morning, to make good on our pledge to walk for Maddie in the March of Dimes’ March for Babies. I got to meet some of my favorite internet buddies I hadn’t yet had a chance to. And I got to hang out with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while.


We also got to check on some of the group’s kids, who came along for the fun. For instance: TehBaby has excellent taste in hats.


Jack was a ball o’ fun all morning, but it took Burgh Baby’s Burgh baby a little while to get warmed up.


Teaspoon’s first public appearance was a big hit as well.


And then there was my favorite part of the day. As we approached the end of the walk, RPM’s oldest daughter climbed out of her wagon and decided she wanted to walk with me the rest of the way. I am a sucker for the ladies, so there’s no way I could resist.


She was really into the river, and especially the ducks. Oh, and RPM? She really wants to go for a boat ride.


– – –

Everyone in the team photo at the top of the post deserves a ton of credit for making this happen. Special thanks goes to Burgh Baby. As is her habit, she latched on to a good idea and gathered a group of people to help her carry it out. She is a force of nature; let’s hope she continues using her powers for good.

Most of all, I should thank each of you who came up with a donation for me and my teammates. Without you, we wouldn’t have been the team to raise more money than any other in the country, excluding the team that supported Maddie’s family. I got to do something good on Saturday morning, and have a great time along the way; you guys made that possible. Thanks.

– – –

You’ll find more pix at the Flickr accounts of Burgh Baby, Gina and Yours Truly. Thanks to BB and Gina for allowing me to, uh, borrow some of the shots I used above.


  1. The feeling was definitely mutual — Monkey has preferred the gentlemen since she was born! Those are great shots.

    And, yes, I am not at all surprised to hear she wants to go for a boat ride.

    I am so glad we did this, and so glad to have met you. Dinner & beers at the Bocktown — soon, I hope!



  2. FireMom: Likewise! You deserve extra credit as well, for driving as far as you did for the walk.

    Gina: Glad you like. We still need to compare show lists; I’m certain we’d have a few in common, and I have CDs of everything I saw. And, uh, a few more.

    RPM: I am smitten. Seriously, though, she seems like a great kid, and it was an honor to escort her.


  3. It was so nice to meet you finally! I love those photos of you and Monkey. I have a few of you holding hands and walking but they all turned out blurry :(


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