I’ve always been fascinated by how Google matches up searches with Uncle Crappy. I get a lot for College Football, for example, and that’s a totally understandable match. This post about the Grateful Dead’s Houseboat Tapes gets hits from people looking for information about houseboats;  again, an understandable connection, but I have the feeling some people are going to come away disappointed.

And then there are the others. I have friends who could explain the ins and outs of SEO to me, but I sort of prefer to sit back and wonder: How in the hell did that search get you here? A few recent examples:

Pittsburgh reporter “uncle crappy.” That would be me. I can’t believe anyone would be seriously concerned about this.

Scary Michigan fish. Lots of things from Michigan are scary, like, say, maize-and-blue football helmets. But this? I have no idea.

Hairy monster ruined dad’s dinner. Well, sure.

Sauerkraut balls. I am in favor of sauerkraut balls.

Funny losing pictures of the Browns. Fine. Great.

Pittsburgh road trip. You should.

Where is John Brunious buried? Wow. I don’t even know who that is.

Jagermeister and sexual performance. A little might help. A lot? I’m thinking not so much.

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