If you showed up hungry, you came to the right place. If you left hungry, you did it wrong.

Mindbling and Pgha pulled off yet another epic Tweetup, this time bringing us together over a pile of wings from all over town. If you didn’t make it there Saturday evening, you missed:

  • Wings, the best of which were judged to be Jamilbroom’s delicious homemade ones.
  • Flying cocks. I’m serious.
  • Beer. Oberon, Aprihop and excellent homebrew from Psylum and Burghseyeview.
  • Twister, including an epic match between Pgha and ShanLin1022. They may not be done yet.
  • Kitchen disco night. Not a part of the official program, but it was mighty entertaining nonetheless.

If you click on the picture of our buffet of wingy wonder, you’ll be taken to my Flickr set taken from the evening. And if you missed it, my suggestion would be this — the next time Pgha calls for a food-themed Tweetup, you’ll probably want to be there.


  1. The pictures look GREAT! I’m really sad I missed out on all the fun. I should just move back to Pittsburgh and live on someone’s couch so I don’t miss anymore TweetUps.


  2. Excellent Recap! Thanks for posting! (And I apologize if I hit you with a chicken or any other random objects that fit into my shooting apparatus.)


  3. Well done, General. Thanks to everybody for bringing delicious food and beverage to share! For the record, I loved Mrs. Crappy’s wing choice the best. (Sorry, Jami, but I’m a sucker for Old Bay.)


  4. Dahcheet: Dooo eeeet.

    Spoon: Really great stuff, including some vegetarian wings that ended up pretty high on my list.

    Jami: Both Mrs. Crappy and I apparently escaped without any teeny chicken-related injuries. No worries.

    APR: The two varieties we brought along — Talk of Beaver Falls was the spicy one and Old Bay Ranch was your favorite — are our staples at BSB’s. But we still have something like 97 more flavors to try.


  5. hmmm… looks interesting. however, methinks the wedding I was attending MAY have had more new, interesting events. I can’t share all of them, but I’ll be blogging abt it soon.


  6. AAA: You’re on, sister. Just keep in mind that this recap and associated pix have been edited. Uh, heavily.


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