I hope to see a lot of this this summer.

This adventure started Dec. 26, when Mrs. Crappy and I opened our Christmas gifts to each other. If you read that post, you may recall that I was baffled by a long, skinny gift that turned out to be one of the most spectacular things she’s ever given me — a hammock.

I had threatened to get it out for weeks, but I really needed a stand first. Once I had that, I knew it was just a matter of time.


And that time came today, after I finished cutting the grass and switching out storm doors for screens. The stand was brainless to put together, and the hammock fit on it perfectly.


I wrote before that I spent hours in a similar hammock underneath two gigantic pine trees in my parents’ backyard. We have to borrow shade from a neighbor’s majestic maple that hangs over our yard, but that’s OK.


It appears it’s going to work just fine.


  1. Bobby: I know for a fact that’s a difficult proposition at best. And that’s all I’m saying.


  2. Now THAT is one glorious hammock

    wish we had room for one but I could see a neighborhood kid setting me on fire. I may need to come enjoy yours.


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