it’s late.

  • It’s late because I just got home after working a 12-hour day. Those are fun. Wish I could do them more often.
  • I have a bunch of stuff planned for this here blog, but I’m not going to get to any of it until Sunday. Which isn’t a big deal, because y’all won’t check until then anyway.
  • One cool thing we’ll start next week? The Bootleg Series, a stream of beer reviews based on the bombers we brought back from New York this week. There are enough of them that I can easily stretch this into football season, when we start bringing back fun beer from Ohio. Yeah, we’ll be doing this for a while.
  • Mrs. Crappy and I have already sampled two of the bottles. I’m not tellin’ about them yet, but I will say this: two similar-ish styles, two very different beers. This is going to be fun.
  • Unlike the show we saw in Athens in the spring, there were tapers at the Wilco show in Lewiston. I have yet to see the fruits of their efforts at etree. I’m hoping they show up soon.
  • We don’t have a lot going on this weekend. I think I’m OK with that.
  • I have to cut the grass.
  • I’m coaching the Pants Party softball team on Friday evening, in place of the Other White Jim, who has a previous engagement. I’m told “coaching” means making sure everyone finds the field and talking a lot of shit about Shireman. I should be OK with that.
  • The other thing about softball? For one day only, our team will be known as Uncle Crappy Pants. That’s probably a little too appropriate.
  • I’m attending a funeral early Saturday morning in Greenville for the wife of my city editor, who died earlier this week. I never met her, but Larry is one of my favorite people in the newsroom. This week has been hard, for that reason; Saturday will be even harder.
  • I’m also hoping we can still get to the Los Lobos show at Hartwood on Saturday night, but weather and finances may get in the way. Being a grownup sucks sometimes.
  • This is not a happy post, and I’m sorry about that. I hope tomorrow will be better.