A number of you have expressed at least a degree of curiousity about the music I listen to and the shows I attend — and at least one you *coughjendaahem* of threatened to hate me forever if Mrs. Crappy and I didn’t stop seeing Phish shows without her. (I’m pretty sure she was kidding, but still…)

For you, Jenda, and everyone else: an invitation.

Keller Williams is touring this fall in support of his new record, Odd; he’ll stop at Mr. Small’s in Millvale on Sunday, Oct. 25. I’ll be attending, maybe even with Mrs. Crappy, and I hope you can join us as well.

A couple reasons why this would be a good show for the uninitiated to check out: The music is accessible to all and Keller generally includes a wide range of covers (last time I saw him there were songs by Prince, the Bee Gees, Cameo, Ani DiFranco, the Dead and others).

And even if you’re not digging the tunes, just watching Keller play should be entertainment enough. He generally plays alone, with the exception of backing vocals by Lou Gosain, his sound guy who sits in the back of the room. But the stage is littered with instruments — a bass and an electric guitar sit in stands on either side, and there’s a line of acoustics behind the mic. You’ll also see all kinds of percussion toys, a theremin, a drum machine, a synthesizer and a bunch of other stuff.

Although he doesn’t have any company on stage, Keller builds a band for nearly every song, recording digital loops that give him something to play over as the song progresses. The music aside, it’s a fascinating thing to watch. Here, take a look:

The tix are $22 and you can get them here. As I said before — I’m going. I hope I see you there.


  1. I’ve heard stuff by Keller Williams previously. I have a lot of friends who do looping and they all speak highly of him! Count me in, UC.


  2. Definitely one to check out. I will try and drag some others as well to round out the twibe. Too bad there is no good space to tailgate beforehand.

    I’ve seen him a few times (Solo, Keller Williams Incident, Etc..) Highlights have been KWI being joined by Les Claypool for a killer Hells Bells to close out the first set of a stellar late night show (100 yds from our tent) at the innaugural Bonnaroo (’02) and him being joined onstage by Chevy Chase (who was friends in college with a couple of guys who went on to form a virtually unknown band called Steely Dan as well as being a multi instrumentalist himself) on piano, covering “(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman” and then “Sweet Home Alabama > Take the Money and Run > Sweet Home Alabama” at the Jammies final year (’08) (My bday show that year).

    Great guy and if you think some of the looping stuff the “jambands” do is nuts you owe it to yourself to check out he and Tim Reynolds.
    Both take looping to a higher planet, and as much as I enjoy a spacey jam (and I love me a good post ghost or 2001 space loop explosion) these guys, with just themselves, can put pretty much anyone to shame. Tim usually takes it dark, brooding and foreboding, Keller is more light, upbeat, funky and flighty. Take your pick.

    Ok, lunch is almost over.


  3. Henrietta: The ‘roo set sounds like it was off the hook. My personal favorite Keller moment was during his appearance here after he recorded with the Keels. They played a straight-up bluegrass version of Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Night.” I haven’t been the same ever since.

    And because you need one more online nickname, you shall be Henrietta at this site from this day forward. Don’t bother leaving a comment under any other name; I promise you I WILL change it.


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