PODCAMP! PODCAMP! And HP and DD are coming from Cleveland for the whole shebang. That weekend will be no fun at all. I’ll say more in a few days, but you should definitely attend. Educational, fun and free. Register here, boys and girls.

LAS VELAS! LAS VELAS! The Mexican restaurant belonging to Ginny’s husband opens on Friday in Market Square. Take a look at the menus; it sounds so freaking good I may be there for lunch and dinner on Friday.

WILCO! WILCO! (which is also MY BIRTHDAY! MY BIRTHDAY!) Columbus, October 12. Very, very soon, and yet not soon enough.

KELLER! KELLER! I still want to see you there.

BRUFEST! BRUFEST! As is the case with Podcamp, I’ll have more to say about this one as it draws closer. But last year’s festival — the big fundraiser for the rugby club and production or our friend AAA — was such a great night, and I know you wouldn’t want to miss it. And this year’s show is going to be bigger and better.


  1. I am bummed that I am going to miss podcamp. I was planning on going, but the 10th is mr b’s 50th birthday party and the 11th is the hangover.


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