In my three days of temporary bachelorhood, I have:

  • Spent two evenings with the television.
  • Spent a lot of time hanging out with Miles, who really misses Mrs. Crappy.
  • Made white chili.
  • Killed a growler of stout from Church Brew Works.
  • Ate a frozen pizza and wings from Big Shot Bob’s.
  • Cleaned the kitchen. Twice.
  • Gone out exactly once.
  • Worked.
  • Harvested squash and tomatoes, and covered what was left to protect them from Wednesday night’s frost.

Whoo! I am a wild man.


  1. Get out the vacuum and iron and you’re a ‘made man’ –

    Too bad the Columbus show is on the 12th (not that your b-day is bad – I’m heading out that way on Sunday – spend the week helping out my sister w/watching my parents – leaving Friday –

    Now – get your manliness in order, watch some HBO – cook bacon, steak – for breakfast – and make sure you clean up – she’ll be back soon!


  2. Kewyson: I’ll restore my manhood with lots of college football today.

    Doogle: I got a growler of EE’s Big Hop Harvest and a bottle of its Bigger Hop yesterday. The growler is done, and I’m saving the Bigger Hop for Mrs. Crappy’s arrival.


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